The easiest way to maximize your line potential

Are you facing line efficiency issues?

There can be many reasons why your production line is not running at its most optimal efficiency. However, the most common problems can be solved by (dynamic) accumulation. The 5 major issues and how an accumulator can help are explained below.

Breaking start up harmonics

Removing the imbalance between the various machine start-up characteristics

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Process emptying

Ensuring all products can safely get out of a critical process (ea. heat treatments)

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V-capacity optimalisation

Protect the process with the lowest productivity from stopping

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Absorbing micro stops

Absorbing the various micro-stops that happen during production

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Line balancing

Balancing the speeds of connecting parts to ensure perfect synchronisation

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"How to solve many of the most common line issues?"

What is conveyor accumulation?

Accumulation is a process in which products are gathered before being passed on in the production line. This is done in order to make the most use of the machines involved. For example, if the input of a production line exceeds its output, an accumulation buffer can be used to even out these peaks.